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Apple TV devs just stopped being second-class citizens

tvOS devs can now use App Analytics.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s analytics tools are invaluable to developers who want to gain better insight into who is downloading their apps and how well they’ll be monetized. They’ve previously been available to iOS and Mac developers, but tvOS devs were second-class citizens, with no analytics tools to draw on.

Now Apple is finally making its App Analytics dashboard available to Apple TV devs as well.

In a post Monday on its developer website, Apple said offered Apple TV devs data like pageviews, downloads and engagement for their apps.

One new feature of tvOS’s App Analytics is the ability to measure how many people are trying your tvOS app after discovering it through a marketing campaign on iOS devices. That should give tvOS devs launching apps on the platform for the first time some valuable data on if and how users are migrating.

If you’re a tvOS developer, you can learn more about the App Analytics tool on Apple’s website.

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